Fast Call Out Service for Broken Key Removal in Greenwich

Recovering a key that’s stuck in a lock just needs the right tools, and the experience to use them effectively. Use the Milo Locksmiths broken key removal service in Greenwich to get your key back quickly. In most cases, this can even be done without damaging the lock.

  • In an emergency, use our 24/7 line to request an immediate quote and call out – your locksmith will be with you within the hour
  • This service is suitable for business and domestic use and for any sort of key

Recovering Your Key and Beyond

Your locksmith travels in a van which is, in effect, a fully equipped workshop, so they have all the tools needed to remove even the most stubborn key from a mechanism. What happens next depends on your specific circumstances:

You have a spare key – Once the door is open, your service is complete. If you request it another duplicate can be produced so you still have a backup.

You don’t have a spare key – It may be possible to produce a duplicate. Failing this, the barrel may be replaceable, or the entire locking mechanism can be changed.

The lock was faulty – Sometimes a worn or stiff mechanism may be the reason for the key being broken in the first place. Your locksmith will assess the lock before leaving, make repairs if possible, or advise changing the lock when it’s not possible to return it to a state where it offers both reliability and security.

Ensuring Your Safety

  • Use our customer support line to get an instant quote
  • Your locksmith will be dispatched as soon as you’ve confirmed that you want the service
  • Technicians are available 24/7, so you’ll get prompt help night or day
  • Arrange to meet outside your premises, or if you prefer, at a nearby safe location
  • All operatives travel in branded vehicles and wear an easily identifiable uniform
  • Your service will include key removal, getting the door open and ensuring that you can secure your premises

Call Milo Locksmiths With Confidence

You have the reassurance of knowing that your key removal expert in Greenwich is a background vetted individual. If you have any concerns before they arrive or during the service, you’ll be able to get in touch with our office support team using our 24/7 number.