Mechanical and Electronic Lock Fixing and Repairs in Greenwich

Use the Milo Locksmiths lock repair service in Greenwich when you have a lock that’s showing signs of working less than efficiently. Maintenance at an early stage could save you time and inconvenience at a later date. Alternatively, if your locks have been damaged by a forced entry, emergency repairs are available.

  • Use our 24/7 support line to call for an urgent repair and you’ll get an immediate quote
  • Confirm that you’d like a service and your locksmith will be with you within the hour – maybe less!

Maintaining and Repairing Your Locks

The lock repair service you’ll need will depend both on the specific lock type and the fault. Some of the work that might be completed includes:

Emergency repairs after a break-in – Your locksmith will assess the lock to confirm that it can be returned to a safe and reliable condition. If not they will advise replacement rather than repair.

Repairs to mechanical locks – Oiling locks or adjustments to the mechanism can often alleviate minor problems such as keys that are reluctant to turn or locks that feel loose.

Repairs to electronic locks – When necessary your electronic lock technician can run diagnostic tests to find faults in electronic locks. Then the necessary fix is completed.

Maintaining security – In all instances, your worker will start by assessing the nature of the repair needed, and establishing that the lock can be returned to good working order. If not, a lock replacement will be recommended.

Service Standards for Lock Repairs

  • You’ll get a free quote when you call our 24/7 customer support line
  • If your broken lock has compromised security, your locksmith will aim to be with you within 30 minutes
  • Non-urgent appointments can be booked seven days a week
  • Any products supplied for repair or replacement will conform with current British Standard codes
  • Free advice on restoring, maintaining or improving your home or business security is included as part of your service
  • Whenever possible, all the work required to repair your locks will be completed in a single visit

Milo Locksmiths – Broken Lock Services Delivered with Care and Responsibility

Your locksmith in Greenwich will be a qualified and experienced professional who will assess your lock before starting work. If a replacement will serve more reliably than a repair, you’ll be advised of this. Of course, you’re the customer, so the choice is yours!