Round-the-Clock Services to Gain Entry in Greenwich

Lost your keys or had them stolen? Or maybe you have the key, but the lock has failed. Whatever the situation, if you’re experiencing a lock out in Greenwich, Milo Locksmiths’s professionals will sort the problem out fast, and for a very affordable rate.

  • Use this service to gain entry to your front door, office filing cabinet, safe, vehicle or any other place you’re locked out of
  • In an urgent situation, your locksmith could be with you in as little as 30 minutes

More Than Just a Gaining Entry Service

Getting you back into your property is the first step. When necessary, your service can go beyond this:

Gaining entry – May involve removing broken keys, picking locks, over-riding security codes or a variety of other methods and techniques that a professional locksmith can call upon.

Assessing the lock – If the situation was simply that the keys got locked inside, once the door is open the problem is solved and your service will finish. On other occasions, your locksmith will assess the lock itself to see if a fault caused the lock out.

Repairs and key replacement – New keys can often be produced on the spot. Sometimes the lock simply needs a little oil or some minor adjustment to be returned to a reliable condition. In other instances, the mechanism may be so worn or damaged that it will never be trustworthy.

Lock changes – As your technician travels with a range of spare and replacement parts, if the lock needs replacing it can often be done there and then.

Getting It All Done in a Single Visit

  • Whenever possible all the work required to gain entry and prevent future problems is completed during a single visit
  • Ask your locksmith for advice on maintaining or improving your security while he’s with you
  • Any parts or products supplied will be guaranteed and will meet current British Standards
  • Get an immediate quote when you call our 24/7 support line
  • Book an emergency visit and benefit from our fast call out times
  • Request a non-urgent appointment for any day of the week

Milo Locksmiths – Standards for Lock Out Services

Your locksmith in Greenwich will come directly to your property, or arrange to meet you at a nearby safe location if that’s what you prefer. Your technician is reference-vetted, qualified and experienced, wears a uniform and carries ID.