Open Safe Services in Greenwich – Fast Help With All Leading Brand Safes

Use the Milo Locksmiths open safe service in Greenwich for both mechanical and electronic locked boxes. Specialist operatives will resolve anything from a broken key to a lost pass code quickly.

  • When you need access to the contents of the safe urgently request the soonest possible appointment
  • Inmost cases it’s possible to open the safe without damaging it

Techniques Used in Safe Opening

The methods used in opening your safe will depend on the type of unit you have and the specific problem:

Mechanical safes – Broken keys can be removed, and with time, skill, patience, and the right tools, your locksmith is generally able to get locks open. It may be possible to duplicate a key on the spot. Manipulation techniques are used to open combination safes when you’ve forgotten the combination. Once this is complete attention will turn to resetting the safe so you can use it in the future.

Electronic safes – Reasons for being locked out of an electronic safe include flat batteries or a security lock down if an incorrect code has been used. Battery problems are easily resolved and in the case of a lock down, many brands of safes have reset codes that are available to certified security personnel. These are also used to open safes if you’ve forgotten the pass code.

When speed is of the essence – If you don’t have time to wait for your safe expert to open the safe using gentle methods, it’s possible to drill out the lock so you gain immediate access to the contents.

Stay in Charge of Your Service

  • Get an immediate quote using our 24/7 support line
  • Request a service for weekdays or at weekends
  • Same-day appointments are possible subject to availability
  • Your technician will attempt to open the safe using nondestructive methods
  • On your request, the safe can be drilled out – it may be possible to repair it afterwards
  • As an existing customer, you may qualify for special rates for new safe supply or any other service we offer

Trustworthy Safe Openers from Milo Locksmiths

Like all members of the team, anyone entrusted with safe opening in Greenwich will be a DBS vetted individual. Your technician will also have specialist training in this specific area, so can resolve safe problems for most brands and models in a timely and effective way.