Burglar-Proof Your Home or Business with Security Grilles in Greenwich

Fitting security grilles in Greenwich provides a visible deterrent against break-in and adds a valuable layer of security. Milo Locksmiths offers both installation-only services when you know what sort of grilles you want, and site surveys and consultation when you’d like to learn more about the options available before making your choice.

  • Consultation and installation services are available on weekdays and at weekends
  • Use our 24/7 line for emergency repairs to existing security screens, grilles or bars

Understanding the Options Available To You

Security screens can be external or internal and are used to protect either door or windows. Some of the common options include:

Burglar bars – Used to prevent windows from being used as access points. Bars can be fixed or removable.

Security grilles – These can be fitted internally or externally and come in a variety of styles and strengths. Mesh, gate, barred, or strapped are just some of the words you’ll hear when you’re discussing options. You’ll also have a choice of openings, including side or rolling upwards.

Protection for locks, hinges and frames – London bars are used over door strike plates, while a Birmingham bar is a flat metal plate used to strengthen hinges on inward opening doors. Both of these make it more difficult for someone to kick down a door.

Special purpose security shields – If you need blast or ballistic protection, want to screen a window against UV light, or alternatively want to install extra security without cutting out natural light, just say. Your consultant will take all your requirements into consideration before suggesting the ideal solution for your needs.

A Service That’s Convenient and Flexible

  • Both grilles suitable for domestic settings and products designed for commercial needs are offered
  • When you need urgent repairs use our 24/7 support line for an instant quote
  • Same-day services are available
  • Request installation only or supply and installation
  • Our already competitive rates get even better when you purchase multiple grilles
  • Any products supplied meet relevant British Standards and are fully guaranteed

The Milo Locksmiths Team Who’ll Complete Your Security Grill Work

Security grilles in Greenwich installed or repaired by us are done by experienced tradesmen who specialise in this specific area of home and business crime prevention. Your workers are reference-vetted, fully insured and all work is covered by guarantee.